Monday, 15 June 2009

In-flight contemporary values

Giving customers more without added costs was the brief from Britannia Airways. To define the brand values of an airline dedicated to fulfilling holidaymakers’ expectations, we worked closely with teams comprising of key internal and external audiences. Everyone from employees and cabin crew, to customers and specialist suppliers. 

After defining the essence of Britannia’s appeal, we created a powerful and intriguing ‘360 degree’ concept which then became the visual shorthand for a strong, lively carrier. The identity visual language is used imaginatively on everything Britannia produces to enhance brand experience with customers.

As part of the airline’s focus on service, we created the OBK sub-brand targeted at ‘On-Board Kids’. Fun and funky OBK is able to meet the demanding needs of some of the most brand-aware customers - young children and teenagers.

At a functional level, alongside the light and contemporary cabin interiors, we also created a refined seat design for new 767-300s to increase the perception of space.

Aer Lingus’s image came under scrutiny during the process of significant change as the airline examined ways of communicating its unique character in a competitive context. We were commissioned to evaluate perceptions of the Aer Lingus brand and to develop a new visual identity.

A more distinctive and energetic identity was designed to reflect the aspirations of the airline, the airline’s key markets are Europe and North America. Driven by the concept of ‘Modern Ireland at its best’, to place emphasis on modern values while reflecting Irish heritage, the identity drew its inspiration from strong associations with the character and natural beauty of Ireland. The visual language draws on Ireland’s rich literary heritage using quotes from famous Irish writers.

A major part of the implementation programme was aircraft interiors for both long and short haul classes of service - with particular attention to how classes are communicated, and physically managed, in the cabin environment. The identity visual language concept was reflected in cabin environment with the quotes theme woven into carpets, seat fabrics and reflected throughout in-flight service material such as luggage labels and ticket wallets.