Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Marvelous Mariscal drawing life

Javier Mariscal was born in Valencia, Spain in 1950. He began his diverse career when he moved to Barcelona in the early 1970s during the last years of the Franco dictatorship. Marical worked as an underground comic artist. Later, as Barcelona emerged from its troubled past, Mariscal gave the city a graphic identity, full of optimism reflecting the new Spain. The project culminated in his work for the Olympic Games of 1992 when he created Cobi, the mascot that was to be recognised by millions, as well as an identity and signage programme.

Mariscal now operates a large studio, with clients around the world and is currently working on a full-length animation feature film.

The photographs were taken on a visit to the Design Museum with students from the MA Design for Communication course University of Westminster.